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        YI JIM was founded in 1994. The industry has a long history of nearly 20 years of experience.
   Surface plating will improve the value and quality of your products. Yi Jim also offers the value added service for clients. The two common plastic products plating are: Vacuum plating and Water Electroplating

   Vacuum Plating Finish Products Vacuum plating finishes is very popular since it can be used on most of plastic material. For example, the colors that can be applied in vacuum plating are Chrome, Stain Chrome, Black Chrome, Stain Nickel, Nickel, Copper, Gold and more. A lot of people think it is impossible to chrome plastic; however, it is achievable. Chrome plastic plating will make corrosive resistance of your product. Vacuum plating will save the cost and reduce pollutions to the environment. It can also be produced at a much higher volume and quicker turnaround time.

   Water Electroplating: Water Electroplating is another method to increase value on products. However, it only works on ABS material and it only Gold and silver colors can be applied. The main advantage of water electroplating is higher durability than vacuum plating, but cost is higher as well.